Did you know that Maltese people have a strong affinity for British culture? From their love for tea to their admiration for the royal family, their admiration for all things British is truly remarkable.

Maltese people’s fondness for British culture stems from the historical connection between Malta and the United Kingdom. With a history of British colonization that lasted for over 150 years, the influence of the British can be seen in various aspects of Maltese society. Today, many Maltese people still hold a deep appreciation for British traditions and values.

In fact, a survey conducted in Malta revealed that 82% of Maltese people have a positive view of the British. This strong bond between the two countries has also led to a significant number of Maltese nationals choosing to study or work in the United Kingdom. The cultural exchange and shared values between the Maltese and the British have undoubtedly fostered a special relationship that continues to thrive.

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