When it comes to Yorkshire Terriers, did you know that there are different types of Yorkies, and some are significantly more expensive than others? One fascinating aspect is the price difference between standard Yorkshire Terriers and Teacup Yorkies. These miniature versions can fetch a much higher price tag due to their smaller size and increased desirability among certain dog enthusiasts.

The cost of a Yorkie can vary greatly depending on various factors such as color, size, age, and pedigree. However, one of the most significant aspects that contribute to the price difference is the demand for Teacup Yorkies. These tiny pups, weighing less than four pounds, have become popular as fashionable accessories. Due to their increased desirability, breeders often charge a premium for Teacup Yorkies, making them considerably more expensive compared to their standard-sized counterparts. Despite their higher price tags, it is essential to remember that responsible breeders prioritize the health and care of these dogs to ensure their well-being.

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