Have you ever wondered who the talented cast behind the adorable characters in Beverly Hills Chihuahua is? Well, let me share an interesting fact with you. The star-studded cast includes, not only renowned actors and actresses, but also some unexpected voice talents. Get ready to be surprised and delighted by the voices behind these lovable Chihuahuas!

Now, let’s dive into the fascinating world of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua cast. With a blend of seasoned actors like Drew Barrymore, George Lopez, and Andy Garcia, along with some unexpected talents like Edward James Olmos and Salma Hayek, the cast truly brings these canine characters to life. This star-studded ensemble not only adds depth and authenticity to the film, but also captivates audiences of all ages. So, next time you watch the film, take a moment to appreciate the incredible voices behind those charming Chihuahuas.

who is the cast of beverly hills chihuahua?

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Who is the Cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Beverly Hills Chihuahua, released in 2008, is a popular comedy-adventure film that tells the story of a pampered Chihuahua named Chloe who gets lost in Mexico. The movie features an ensemble cast of talented actors and actresses who lend their voices to bring the adorable characters to life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the voice actors behind these beloved characters.

The Main Cast

The main cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua includes some renowned names from the entertainment industry.

Drew Barrymore as Chloe

Drew Barrymore, a talented actress known for her roles in films like “Charlie’s Angels” and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” gives voice to the lovable Chihuahua protagonist, Chloe. She perfectly captures Chloe’s pampered and sassy personality, making her an endearing and relatable character.

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In her role as Chloe, Barrymore portrays the transformation of a spoiled dog into a brave and resourceful adventurer. She brings depth and emotion to the character, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

George Lopez as Papi

George Lopez, a well-known comedian and actor, voices Papi, a charismatic and suave Chihuahua who helps Chloe on her journey back home. Lopez’s energetic and comedic performance adds a lively and entertaining touch to the character.

Lopez’s portrayal of Papi showcases his talent for delivering punchy one-liners and bringing charm to the screen. His chemistry with Drew Barrymore’s Chloe adds a heartwarming dynamic to the film.

Piper Perabo as Rachel

Piper Perabo, an actress known for her roles in films like “Coyote Ugly” and “Cheaper by the Dozen,” lends her voice to Rachel, Chloe’s owner in the movie. Perabo brings warmth and depth to the character, portraying Rachel as a caring and responsible owner.

Perabo’s performance captures the love and bond between Rachel and Chloe, enhancing the emotional connection between the audience and the film’s central characters.

Supporting Cast and Additional Characters

In addition to the main cast, Beverly Hills Chihuahua also features a talented supporting cast and several memorable characters that contribute to the film’s charm and humor.

Andy Garcia as Delgado

Andy Garcia, a renowned actor known for his roles in films like “The Godfather Part III” and “Ocean’s Eleven,” provides the voice for Delgado, a street-smart German Shepherd who helps Chloe on her journey. Garcia’s portrayal of Delgado brings a sense of wisdom and strength to the character.

Delgado serves as a mentor and protector to Chloe, teaching her important life lessons along the way. Garcia’s authoritative and captivating performance elevates the character’s presence in the film.

Plácido Domingo as Monte

Plácido Domingo, a world-famous opera singer, lends his voice to Monte, a regal and wise old German Shepherd. Domingo’s rich and powerful voice adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the character.

Monte serves as a guide and advisor to Chloe, offering her valuable insights and advice. Domingo’s performance infuses the character with a sense of grandeur and depth.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Aunt Viv

Jamie Lee Curtis, a versatile actress known for her roles in films like “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday,” voices Aunt Viv, Rachel’s aunt in the movie. Curtis brings her signature humor and warmth to the character, portraying Aunt Viv as a quirky yet caring family member.

Curtis’ performance adds comedic moments to the film, making Aunt Viv a memorable supporting character in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Other Notable Cast Members

The film also features the voices of Cheech Marin as Manuel, Edward James Olmos as Diablo, and Paul Rodriguez as Chico, among others. These talented actors contribute to the vibrant and diverse cast of characters in the movie.

The cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua brings the story to life with their exceptional voice performances and talented portrayals of these beloved characters. Their contributions help create a delightful and entertaining film experience for audiences of all ages.

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The Film’s Reception and Legacy

After its release, Beverly Hills Chihuahua received mixed reviews from critics but was a commercial success, grossing over $149 million worldwide. The film’s humorous and heartwarming tale, combined with its talented voice cast, resonated with audiences, leading to the creation of two sequels: “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!”

The film’s popularity also extended beyond the cinema. It inspired merchandise, including toys, apparel, and even a video game. The lovable characters and memorable voice performances have made Beverly Hills Chihuahua a beloved part of family entertainment.

Behind-the-Scenes Fun Facts

Behind the scenes of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the voice actors brought their own unique personalities and experiences to the project. Here are some fun facts about the cast and the making of the film:

1. Drew Barrymore, known for her love of animals, was excited to voice Chloe, as she has a deep appreciation for Chihuahuas and their charming nature.

2. George Lopez, a dog lover himself, drew inspiration from his own pets to bring Papi to life. He enjoyed the comedic aspects of the role and injected his own humor into the character’s dialogue.

3. Piper Perabo spent time observing Chihuahuas to understand their behavior and mannerisms. She wanted to ensure her portrayal of Rachel was authentic and relatable to dog owners.

4. Plácido Domingo, a renowned opera singer, found the experience of lending his voice to an animated character both challenging and exciting. He brought his passion for performance to the role of Monte, creating a unique portrayal.

5. The cast bonded over their love for animals and shared stories about their own pets while recording their voiceover sessions. This camaraderie translated into the on-screen chemistry between the characters.

The Legacy and Impact

Beverly Hills Chihuahua and its cast have left a lasting impact on the world of animation and family entertainment. The film’s success paved the way for more animated movies featuring talking animals, inspiring a new generation of filmmakers and voice actors.

The charming and memorable characters created in Beverly Hills Chihuahua continue to be beloved by audiences. The talented cast brought these characters to life with their exceptional voice performances, adding depth and personality to the film.

Whether it’s Drew Barrymore’s sassy portrayal of Chloe, George Lopez’s comedic delivery as Papi, or the various supporting cast members who brought humor and heart to the story, the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua contributed to the film’s enduring legacy.

In conclusion, the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, including the main cast and supporting characters, brought their talent and charm to the film, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for audiences. Their exceptional voice performances added depth and humor to the beloved characters, making the film a beloved part of family entertainment. Through their portrayals, the cast members created an enduring legacy for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, ensuring its place in the hearts of audiences for years to come.

Who is the Cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Are you a fan of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Here are the key takeaways about the cast:

  • Drew Barrymore voices Chloe, the main character chihuahua.
  • George Lopez voices Papi, a Chihuahua with a big heart.
  • Andy Garcia voices Delgado, a brave German Shepherd.
  • Placido Domingo lends his voice to Monte, an opera-singing Chihuahua.
  • Piper Perabo voices Rachel, Chloe’s owner.
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These talented actors bring the characters in Beverly Hills Chihuahua to life, making it an enjoyable and entertaining movie for all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” there is an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring the animated characters to life. Here are some frequently asked questions about the cast:

1. Who voices the main character, Chloe, in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”?

In “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” Chloe is voiced by Drew Barrymore. Barrymore is a well-known actress who has starred in various movies, including “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Wedding Singer.” Her voice brings charm and personality to the adorable Chihuahua character.

It’s always a treat to hear Drew Barrymore’s voice talent, and her portrayal of Chloe adds a lovable and relatable quality to the film.

2. Which actor voices the character of Papi, the male Chihuahua in the movie?

The character of Papi is voiced by George Lopez in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” George Lopez is a comedian and actor known for his stand-up comedy specials and his television show, “George Lopez.” His voice work brings humor and warmth to the character of Papi, making him a fan favorite.

George Lopez’s comedic timing and delivery shine through in Papi’s lines, capturing the spirit of the loyal and protective Chihuahua.

3. Who voices Rachel, Chloe’s owner, in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”?

The character of Rachel, Chloe’s owner, is voiced by Piper Perabo in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Piper Perabo is an actress known for her roles in movies such as “Coyote Ugly” and the TV series “Covert Affairs.” Her performance as Rachel brings a sense of adventure and determination to the character.

Piper Perabo’s delivery adds depth to Rachel’s relationship with Chloe, highlighting the bond between a pet and their owner.

4. Which actor voices Delgado, the brave Doberman in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”?

The character of Delgado, the heroic Doberman, is voiced by Andy Garcia in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Andy Garcia is a renowned actor known for his roles in critically acclaimed movies like “The Godfather: Part III” and “Ocean’s Eleven.” His voice work gives Delgado a strong and authoritative presence.

Andy Garcia’s deep and commanding voice brings Delgado’s character to life, adding intensity and depth to the animated film.

5. Who voices the character of Chloe’s romantic interest, Papi Jr., in the movie?

Papi Jr., Chloe’s romantic interest, is voiced by “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer and actor Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez’s charisma and charm shine through in his portrayal of Papi Jr. He brings a youthful and energetic quality to the character, making him instantly lovable.

Mario Lopez’s voice work adds a delightful touch to the romance between Chloe and Papi Jr., capturing the hearts of audiences of all ages.

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