Have you ever noticed that sometimes your Maltese has red eyes? It can be quite alarming and make you wonder what causes this unusual occurrence. Well, here’s an interesting fact – one possible reason for your Maltese to have red eyes is because of a condition called conjunctivitis.

Maltese dogs are prone to developing conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, due to their adorable, expressive eyes. This condition is typically caused by an infection or an allergic reaction, leading to redness, excessive tearing, and eye discharge. It’s important to seek veterinary care if you suspect your Maltese has conjunctivitis, as prompt treatment can alleviate discomfort and prevent complications. So, next time you see those red eyes in your Maltese, consider conjunctivitis as one possible cause!

Maltese dogs are known for their beautiful white coats and expressive, dark eyes. However, sometimes those eyes may appear red, which could be a sign of underlying issues. One common cause is tear stains, which result from excessive tearing and can cause the fur around the eyes to become stained and appear red. This is often due to factors like tear duct problems, allergies, or eye infections. To manage tear stains in Maltese dogs, regular eye cleaning is essential, along with proper grooming practices and addressing any underlying health issues. By maintaining good eye hygiene and addressing potential causes of tear stains, you can help keep your Maltese’s eyes healthy and free from redness.

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